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Subject: Generated Top Level Folder
Author: Martyn
Date: 11/16/2005 07:17
Recently, I used HTTrack to generate a copy of a website for use on a CD. When
the same command line is used to generate the site on two different computers,
the generated top level folder name differs (note that HTTrack has been
instructed to generate short names for CD). For one system, the generated name
is "XXXXXXX_.AU", and for the other it is "XXXXXXX__AU". Since I am using this
in a batch file where I need to rely on the name being consistent when
generating a local site from a specific live website, I'd like to know the

1. How does HTTrack determine the generated name from a given URL?
2. Is there an option, or other method, that can be used to specify precisely
the generated top level folder name?
Thanks very much,


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11/16/2005 07:17


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