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Subject: Re: %s in external.html
Author: Leto
Date: 11/16/2005 22:22
> I always have a %s (percent s) at the top of my
> exteranl.html file, so I have to remove it each
> time. It's between title and style, here:
> <title>Page not retrieved! - HTTrack Website
> Copier</title>
> %s 
> <style type="text/css">
> Is there any way to fix this without manually
> removing it each time? I have used v3.3 and 3.40b2.
> Thanks for any help.

It's probably coming from one of the template files and is a parameter that
would normally be replaced - although in external.html it is not being

There are template files in the HTTrack directory however if you edited those
it will affect other pages that the program generates (redirects, errors,

Would also be nice if the spelling of "Click" in "Clic to the link below"
could be fixed too :)
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