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Subject: Re: Flash is still a problem
Author: D_A
Date: 11/20/2005 18:54
That sort of flash files cannot be parsed :
- They must be uncompressed.
- They use a scripting language for links, loading and unloading movies...(for
the menu 1244 functions in 10930 lines of code!)
The drawback for the designers is that I will never read the content :
I can't use MSIE as most of the flash doesn't work and I can't use Mozilla as
I block flash by default and even if I don't, external links are called by
javascript routines and I get messages about that (Leider sind diese Seiten
ohne Javascript nicht lesbar.
Versuchen Sie es bitte direkt ├╝ber diese Seiten.)... 

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Flash is still a problem

11/20/2005 16:11
Re: Flash is still a problem

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