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Subject: Collections of single / multiple pages
Author: Murray @ PlanetThoughtful
Date: 11/21/2005 20:01
Hi All,

Forgive me if this is a silly question, but I've tried a couple of searches in
the forum and looked through the manual pages without finding an answer,

I'm wondering if HTTrack is an appropriate tool for keeping collections of
pages from different sites on the same theme together?
In other words, I don't really have a need to download any one site
completely, but I might be researching a topic and find a 3 page article on
this site I want to keep, a page on another site I want to keep with the
article from the first site, several pages on a 3rd site that I want to keep
with the others, and so on. So, I'd like to use HTTrack as a way of keeping
pages related to a particular topic from several or many sites together.

Is this possible with HTTrack, and if so, is it relatively easy to do?
Many thanks to anyone who gives this some thought.

Much warmth,

Murray @ PlanetThoughtful

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Collections of single / multiple pages

11/21/2005 20:01
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