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Subject: Relative linking with absolute URI's option (-K3)
Author: Simon
Date: 11/23/2005 01:34
Trying to mirror a site for offline browsing, that uses absolute URI's in
links, eg 

Using the -K3 command line option, pages mirrored in the root directory of the
site manage to convert links like href="/products/example/url/" to
href="products/example/url/index.html", which is perfect.

But, when it mirrors the linked page, products/example/url/index.html, it
doesn't convert the links on that page at all (only seems to work for the root
directory). For example, on this page, I'd like
href="/products/example/another/" converted to href="../example/another/" or
if that's too hard, just href="../../../products/example/another/".

Without this, offline browsing is not possible, for sites that use search
engine friendly URLs (ie, both subdirectories and absolute linking).

Thanks! Looking forward to a reply. This is the first time I've used httrack
so maybe I missed the option I'm supposed to be using...

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Relative linking with absolute URI's option (-K3)

11/23/2005 01:34
Anybody read this? Should I try and explain again?

11/24/2005 02:42
Re: Relative linking with absolute URI's option (-K3)

11/24/2005 22:48


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