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Subject: Re: downloading pics from imagevenue
Author: Annajiat Alim Rasel
Date: 12/09/2005 00:31
> Hi,

> I've tried to donwload with HTTRACK
As you've already tried, You are more advanced than others by 1 step.

> but it doesnt work
Don't worry. It happened to most of the HTTrack users at least once. The next
step should be towards reading HTTRack Documentation

> Subject: downloading pics from imagevenue 
imagevenue?Let me toss between <> & and
ignore the result. I assumed that it is, please correct me if I
am wrong.

> how should i set up the settings?It would've been great if you could provide
registration info & pics. I appreciate that you want to try it in your own
hands. Please try reading <>
It will help you to set up the settings.

> thanks
You're welcome.

Please note that you might have to experiment further to get the images. Here
you go: <>

You'll be glad to know that there are about 80 posts that might provide useful

When you are done reading them but still stuck. Please don't lose hope, try

You might want to try the latest version. Try httrack-3.40-BETA-3.exe from
You can find more versions or formats at

When you are successful, if you think there should be a better documentation,
kindly contribute to the documentation. Please do not hesitate to post again
if you have any doubt. Somebody else might provide better assistance.

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