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Subject: Re: Update doesn't work properly
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/09/2005 20:06
> I'm running ASP websites on localhost and copying it
> off with HTTtrack. One thing that I notice is that I
> made some changes and it doesn't seem to update the

Try to uncheck the "Update hack" option. If the files are still not updated,
check your server's settings (and the httrack traces, by enabling "activate
debugging mode" in "experts only")

> (Should I untick use cache for update in Expert
> only tab?)

No - this option is potentially dangerous (not using the cache is something
not really tested)

> Is there a way to update just one
> file without doing the scan on the whole site?
No - because httrack has to rebuild the internal file tree strcture (which is
not saved, and which can change even with only one file being modified)

> Another question, if I tick on do not purge old
> files, will it overwrite the old file with updated
> version or it won't do any changes on the file?
It will update it if a new version is available.

Note that this option has been enhanced in recent 3.33-beta releases (if the
file disappears remotely, it is kept AND still linked to other pages)
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