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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.40-BETA-4 has been released!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 12/17/2005 16:10
A long-awaited engine feature has been commited: the "Get non-html files
related to a link" option now also catch related (images, css..) files ; that
is, files referenced in tags such as "<img src..>"

To be used with the "depth" option (example: maximum depth == 1 and "near"
option enabled to bet the first page and its related contents)

Besides, a fix regarding UCS2 encoded pages properly converted into UTF-8 has
been committed too.


Please report bugs or oddities as usual.

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* * HTTrack 3.40-BETA-4 has been released!

12/17/2005 16:10


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