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Subject: Local Index Link Description
Author: Ryan
Date: 12/19/2005 00:14
I've been using HTTrack for some time and noticed some weird behavior several
months back and can't find a workaround.

I'm using 3.33 and *believe* I have been all along.  Anyway, I use it to keep
records of eBay items that I'm interested in.  I use the following
User-defined structure for my filenames:
My local index that is built USED to use the html title of the document as the
description for the link (text between <a> and </a>).

But ever since about mid-April of 2005, the description is now the filename. 
I thought this was maybe because the title tag from ebay's pages moved, but
even as I have done some experimenting - this does not seem the case.

I've looked through this message board and seen complaints about the filename
and how that is determined before HTTrack downloads the file.  I don't care
about the filename, just the link description.

Anyone have any ideas?  Any way to fix this pre or post processing?

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12/19/2005 00:14
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