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Subject: imagecash
Author: Hennes
Date: 12/19/2005 22:16
Friends of Httrack,

Please try to help me only if you are allowed to see people with not so many
clothes on. 

The site is:

I want to download the big images of this page to my disk for easier viewing.
(Not for other purposes - copyright will be considered)

I have tried everything? and also had a deep look into the documentation and
this forum. I haven`t got a clue, what do I do wrong. 

I know, that it should be possible, because I got it once with another
programm (which I don`t want to use, because it has a e-mail grabber built in
- shi...). I got a lot of stuff on my disk, but also the big images.

Any ideas how to do it with Httrack?

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