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Subject: Curious about Javascript filtering problem
Author: Steve_W
Date: 12/26/2005 18:10
Hi! Just curious about HTTRACK's filtering abilities Re:Java

I've tried downloading part of a site with the following filters

+*.png +*.gif +*.jpg +*.css -*.js******

but still end up with the same Java script on every page that tries to link to
the net and run a popup window. By removing the following script in notepad I
found it was to blame.

<script language="Javascript"><!--
var d=new Date();var r=(d.getTime()%8673806982)+Math.random();var
var host=' language="Javascript" src=';

I also noticed other scripts on the page seem to be modified so that

would be changed to something like

Since I can turn off Java Scripting in Firefox anyway its no big deal, I'm
just curious as to what's happening here. Also, as a suggestion for future
versions of HTTRACK, some sort of tag filter would be great so you could just
remove anything between say <script language="Javascript"> and </script>
as a page is downloaded/parsed. Other than that from the one day I've been
using it so far it seems pretty good.


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Curious about Javascript filtering problem

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