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Subject: Re: consolidate download
Author: Annajiat Alim Rasel
Date: 12/27/2005 02:02
> I download web sites in several locations.  I wish
> to 
> consolidate them in one place. 
> I also used other offline managers.  And would like
> to convert them to HTTrack how can this be done.
> I searched you archives.  After the first page I had
> questions and no anwers.
> Thank you 
> David Casey 

1. Though my memory is very weak, I think I read posts about consolidating
previously downloaded mirrors. May be it would require more patience or more
searching? Though I am just a ML reader, sometimes I find myself thinking how
the forum posts should be better organized. Any ideas about
organization/searching or something else?
2. For Previous mirrors created with other offline managers:
Re-download them from your computer (old mirror) to your computer (new,
consolidated, one place).

3. For mirrors created with HTTrack, you may just copy those folders to the
new place. However, No.2 is the best option for this case too.

Say, old mirror is c:\My Web Sites\
New place is D:\My Future\
Then copy to D:\My Future\

4. You may find it useful to try newer versions or the latest beta version of

Disclaimer: This voluntary solution is not guaranteed to work or to be safe.
However, older posts might be more reliable but again they are not guaranteed
to be.

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