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Subject: Re: Images not saved
Author: Gabor 'Morc' Kormos
Date: 12/30/2005 10:40
  Nevermind, got it. I had to set the Max mirror depth to 2 because the image
files were a depth of 2 away from the path of the HTML page. This logic, as it
seems from the other posts I found, seems to be different from what one
expects. I'd expect HTTrack to download everything that is on that page, no
matter where it is on the site. I'd expect, as written in the help too, that
is I set the max mirror depth to anything higher than 0 then it should to to
all links found on the specific page and read those too with all the images,
files, etc embedded in the page. It may be that I don't understand exactly how
this mirror depth is meant.
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