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Subject: Problems compiling in VC++ 6
Author: CP
Date: 01/11/2006 01:09

I am trying to compile under VC++ 6. I have installed ZLIB and I followed the
guidelines in the forum for compiling (to the best of my knowledge). However,
after making the HTSSYSTEM.H file contain (in both C:\Dev and


// Définition de la plate-forme utilisée

// Sun Solaris .......... 0 
// Windows/95 ........... 1 
// Ibm 580 .............. 2

#define HTS_PLATFORM 1

#define HTS_ANALYSTE 2

// IPv6 support
#define HTS_INET6 0


// Fin de la définition


and then attempting to compile, I get several errors, the first being:

C:\Dev\htsback.c(1861) : error C2039: 'ssl' : is not a member of 'htsblk'
        C:\Dev\htslib.h(81) : see declaration of 'htsblk'

so it looks like the #define HTS_USEOPENSSL 0 is not processed right?
Please let me know what I can do to compile. I don't have IPV6 headers so I
don't use those. But these error messages seem to be the only ones standing in
my way before a successfull compilation (which I have never managed to achieve

Thank you.

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01/11/2006 01:09
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