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Subject: Re: url catcher
Author: stephen
Date: 01/20/2006 07:03
Well ahem,

in the documentation on line. searching on urlcatcher.

which I already read.

 #P  Catch URL

 "Catch URL" feature, allows to setup a temporary proxy
to capture complex URLs, often linked with POST action (when using form
based authentication)

That that is real helpful, if I need to configure
it as a proxy server. what is port its listening etc.


--catchurl            create a temporary proxy to capture an URL or a form
post URL

ok thats it.. just what address do I point my browswer to??
 The catchurl option is a small application designed to
catch difficult pages, like sites protected via formulas.  You can see
at <> a Windows description of
this application.  The purpose is to create a temporary proxy, that will
catch the user request to a page, and then store this request to
continue the mirror. For example,

1. browse until you have a page with a form
2. fill this form to enter the site BUT do not click "submit"
3. start the --catchurl application
4. change your browser proxy settings according to the --catchurl application
5. click on "submit" on your browser
6. HTTrack has now captured this click and has stored it
7. restore your proxy settings
8. (click back in your browser)

the example on does not exist.

I'm sorry I'm too much of a newbie for your response.


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