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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.40 (final) has been released!
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 01/21/2006 14:39
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Summary of all changes since 3.33:

+ New: mms:// streaming capture (thanks to Nicolas Benoit!)
+ New: proxyTrack project released
+ New: new experimental parser that no longer needs link testing ('testing
link type..')
+ New: Redirect handled transparently with delayed type check and broken links
made external when the "no error page" option is enabled
+ New: improved background download to handle large sites
+ New: '--assume foo/bar.cgi=text/html' is now possible
+ New: MIME type scan rules (such as -mime:video/* +mime:video/mpeg)
+ New: size scan rules now allows to rewrite uncaught links as external links
+ Fixed: crash fixed when ftime()/localtime()==NULL
+ Fixed: iso-9660 option now using '_' for collision character
+ Fixed: collision problems with CaSe SeNsItIvItY
+ Fixed: a href='..' fixed!
+ Fixed: redirects are now handled by the new experimental parser
+ Fixed: "./" links generated with fixed outbound links (../../)
+ Fixed: 'base href' bogus in many cases
+ Fixed: enforce security limits to avoid bandwidth abuses
+ Fixed: bogus external (swf) parser, fixed remaining .delayed files
+ New: new check-mime and save-file2 callbacks
+ New: "always delayed type check" enabled
+ Fixed: totally bogus finalizer causing compressed files not to be
uncompressed, and many files to be truncated
+ Shell: new Finnish interface added!
+ Fixed: "..html" bogus type
+ Fixed: remaining bogus .delayed entries
+ Fixed: flush before user-defined command
+ Fixed: fixed user-defined command call and background cleaner
+ Fixed: fixed 'Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4250]' error
+ Fixed: fixed cache absolute file reference (the reference is now relative)
preventing the cache form being moved to another place
+ Fixed: webhttrack 'Browse Sites' path bug
+ Fixed: old httrack cache format fixes (import of older versions did not work
+ Fixed: port fixes in htsnet.h
+ Fixed: -N option with advanced extraction (bogus "not found" member)
+ Fixed: javascript: location=URL was not recognized
+ Fixed: no more character escaping when not needed (such as UTF-8 codes)
+ Fixed: possibly temporary files left on disk with bogus servers giving
compressed content on HEAD reuests
+ Fixed: URL hack caused unexpected filename collisions (index.html vs
+ Fixed: "do not erase already downloaded file" option now correctly works (it
leaves files linked in the mirror)
+ Fixed: UCS2 encoded pages are now converted properly into UTF-8
+ New: "near" option now also catch embedded (images, css, ..) files
+ Fixed: bogus chunked multimedia link text files (such as x-ms-asf files)

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* * HTTrack 3.40 (final) has been released!

01/21/2006 14:39
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