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Subject: installing httrack on a portable hard drive
Author: Charles Whittle
Date: 01/27/2006 12:38

   I am a new user of the HTTRACK software.  At home I only
have a dialup connection, so when I visit friends with high
speed links I take my 250 GB portable hard drive and get
files with Aaron's WebVacuum; good piece of software, but
can be a bit slow dealing with large web sites that have
lots of links.  ( <> is the web
address for the WebVacuum)  Can I install HTTRACK on my
portable drive and use it on whatever computer the drive
is plugged into?  If not, can I install the HTTRACK on a
computer and have the MY WEB SITES folder put onto the
portable hard drive?  I want to collect JPG/JPEG/BMP files
from <> for the screensaver on
my home computer (Windows XP,  MY PICTURES SLIDESHOW ).
(These photos are freely and legally downloadable.)
Using the WebVacuum I have found that the files are in
3 basic locations:  

      <>  (root URL)
      <>  (thumbnails)
      <>  (high resolution photos)

           [# is some number from 1 to x]

I have read the FAQ for HTTRACK and think I understand how
to set the filters and options to get the photos only (no
html pages) from these sites, but would appreciate your
input.  Thanks!

                        Charles Whittle
                                {aka HulaBear}

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