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Subject: StatusCode: -4 (unknown status)
Author: Webster
Date: 01/29/2006 19:43
What is the reason for this error? I got this on many files from this server:

File: /images/g/g-loc_r360_2.gif
Name: H:/c64/c64games/
StatusCode: -4 (unknown status)
InternalStatus: 0 (ready)
StatusMessage: No data (connection closed)
HTTP/1.1: yes
ChunkMode: no
TestMode: no
HeadRequest: no
NotModified: no
WriteToDisk: no
LocalFile: no
Size: 0
TotalSize: 0

For Example, if I open this link below in my browser, i can see the image!

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StatusCode: -4 (unknown status)

01/29/2006 19:43
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02/05/2006 13:17
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