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Subject: Re: .cfm files
Author: Leto
Date: 01/31/2006 02:11
> When trying do download the site:
> <>
> The site contains the electronic versions of some
> books, and I only intend to have them for private
> use (I won't disrespect any copyright laws, since
> the texts are available for public free access). I
> get some pages, but all the links to books are
> directed to the same file, which is the same
> particular book, but not the desired one.
> The whole site is composed by .cfm files, and their
> names end with:
> <>=*
> <>=*
> <>=*
> in which * means a sequence of symbols for each
> book, each portion etc..
> How can I get the site with all pages, having the
> possibility of an offline browsing?> Thanks in advance.

What version of HTTrack are you using?  I had a quick look with 3.40 and
mostly the site seems OK, however there are some peculiarities.

Each book has a left-hand frame which always shows the same title/ISBN (I
think that is a problem with the website).  The chapter links seem to be
generated from your browsing session so it's very unlikely that those will be
mirrored correctly.

I can't see any issue with the book itself on the right-hand side - those
portion links should be OK?  If not then again it is going to be a problem
with sessions.

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