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Subject: Redownload of locally write protected Files
Author: R.Kirchner
Date: 01/31/2006 10:43

I keep a mirror of a huge site with scanned manuals. There
are no updates (only new files), yet sometimes the dates
get changed for some reasons.
To prevent unneccessary re-downloads I set the already
downloaded files to 'read-only'. The older versions of
httrack tried to erase the local file before redownload,
and since this failed redownload was prevented.
Now the new 3.40 downloads FIRST and then tries to
write which creates for me Gigabytes of unneccessary
Is there any possibility (I do not see) to prevent these
downloads?(At present I went back to 3.33 :-( )

R. Kirchner

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Redownload of locally write protected Files

01/31/2006 10:43


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