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Subject: Batch Update windows
Author: Drk_Mx
Date: 02/03/2006 16:36
This is something i couldn't find an answer for

this is how i batch-update all my local mirrored sites
first you have to include httrack in the path enviroment variable (go to mi
pc, properties, advanced, enviroment variables)
then you have to create a .bat file in the c:\My Web Sites\
 folder with this command

for /D %%f in (*.*) do IF NOT %%f==hts-cache cd c:\My Web Sites\%%f && httrack
--update --quiet && cd c:\My Web Sites\

replace c:\My Web Sites\ with the directory where you save your mirrored

it will go trough each folder and update it

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Batch Update windows

02/03/2006 16:36
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