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Subject: Recompiling HTTrack?
Author: Andrei
Date: 02/03/2006 20:19
Can someone please give me a quick step by step crash course/guideline I should
follow to recompile HTTrack?
Should I:
1) Download the source code <> (available at in
.tar.gz on <>)
2) Change what I want (what is to save pages as .shtml instead of .html - any
idea where?)
3) ? ...
4) Compile using some C compiler? I used Borland in school, but google shows
that LCC32 is hot; What's the  best compiler should I get/use?5) ? ...

It is for WindowsXP OS

I'm probably missing about 5 steps, please help...

I'm not a pro at this and could defiantly use some pointers and help...

Any tips, tricks, links, suggestions are much appreciated ;)

[i]Thank you all...[/i]

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02/03/2006 20:19
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