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Subject: Re: To D_A
Author: Leto
Date: 02/06/2006 23:26
>  (I would remove the empty div line 3 column 128 as
> it doesn't seem to be useful and so that there is no
> warning with html tidy.)

Is that the
<div class="wrapper close"></div>
line? Yeah can't quite help that - it's due to a "wrapper" mod which gives
more containers for styling purposes.

Thanks for the tip on IE 5 (box model, bleh).  Hope it worked - I can't test
the conditional rules unfortunately.

>  I have a help page too there
> <> with the
> issues I  encountered. Some of them may be added to
> your page.

Ah yes, I had forgotten about your site.  Those are some really good help
pages.  Perhaps we can put some links through to your site.

>  You can contact me there so that I have an address
> to send the article or have a password to write/edit
> the page. 

I think I got my email sorted out now.  The wiki should have open access (for
now at least... I've always kind of worried about wikis...)
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