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Subject: Purging files
Author: Oleg
Date: 02/09/2006 13:26
Hi all!
I've had such problem with WinHTTRack v.3.32-2. I was mirroring site with
files of some type e.g *.amc. I used for this Scan rules :"+*.amc". At some
point I stopped downloading. and Afterwhile resumed it again and decided not
to download rest of *.amc files and set Scan rules :"-*.amc". And in result
when downloading was complete WinHTTRack purged all *.amc files from directory
((((( So I lost all of them ((( HOW Can I switch off such miserable purging in
the end of downloading????
Thanx, Oleg

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Purging files

02/09/2006 13:26
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