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Subject: cookies, capture and not getting through....
Author: tom
Date: 02/10/2006 22:48
First I wanted to thank you, Xavier, for developing and supporting a great app.
It's clear that you've put a lot of time and effort into this thing, and I
know thousands of people appreciate it, even if they don't say so very

Unfortunately I've run into a problem which I can't seem to overcome. Here's
what I know:
-The site requires username and password from an initial domain.
-Submitting the login info leads to a redirect to another page. Clicking
through this page leads to another domain, which is the first time a
persistent cookie is stored. This is the domain I'd like to mirror.
-*Deleting this cookie under IE seems to have no effect on site navigation* -
I can navigate around perfectly in my browser without this cookie file.
-Ctrl-N launches a new browser, which also works fine.
-If I launch a new browser to a protected page, I get a 403 (even while the
working browser instance is running and remains functional).
-Copying the cookie to a new HTTrack project causes HTTrack to terminate early
with a 403 error in the log. (even on a previously un-run HTTrack project)
-Capturing the URL with a brand new HTTrack project and cookies cleared
results in the browser immediately returning a 404. Disabling the proxy and
refreshing the 404 page results in a page from the remote server saying there
was a problem *but the login appears to have worked* - I can continue to
manually navigate the site.
-While the browser is functional, as described in the previous step,
attempting to execute the mirror with HTTrack (on a URL which is currently
loaded successfully in the browser) results in an early termination and a 403
error in the HTTrack log.

It seems though the browser may be capturing a session cookie which HTTrack is
I noticed a previous post which seems to refer to a similar problem
(, but I don't understand the
solution he suggests. (getting 2 URLs in HTTrack)

Sorry for all the words, but I thought it's better to be verbose than brief
:-).Any insight you can offer into what might be going on is greatly

Thanks again Xavier!!

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