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Subject: Changing download path forces complete re-download
Author: Werner
Date: 02/11/2006 22:16
Hi All,

I am using HTTrack to create and keep a local mirror of a Linux distribution.
I recently changed the original path that the mirror was downloaded to (ie.
/mirror to /newmirror) on the local machine and started a new update after
making a full copy of the mirror into the new path. Everything else stayed the
same. I kept a backup copy of the original mirror as reference. What seems to
be happening now is that although I had a proper cache and all the files were
in the original downloaded directories, they were being removed and
re-downloaded during the update.
Is this suppose to happen because of the download path change? How can one
prevent this from happening in the future if you are forced to move the mirror
to a different path? The download is over 35GB, so its quite time consuming
and a waste of bandwidth to go through this everytime!



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Changing download path forces complete re-download

02/11/2006 22:16


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