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Subject: Images not collected by program
Author: Mike
Date: 02/15/2006 17:37
Good day,

At first, nice program this HTTtrack.It is working quite good, however I found
an minor problem while downloading a website.

The occurs on:

It seems that images in the chapters can't be saved correctly, like shown in
the following code-snap:
...><img border="0" alt="" width="425" height="370"

The concern at  this point (Chapter 1, choose an image) is the gif
"01fig01.gif;380137". This images should be saved like "01fig01.gif" instead
of "01fig01.gif;380137". The ";380137" must be skipped. 
IE and Firefox interpretates the gif "01fig01.gif;380137" like "01fig01.gif"
on the disk.



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Images not collected by program

02/15/2006 17:37


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