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Subject: Disgusting
Author: Wim
Date: 02/16/2006 11:10
Tonight I had some guy grabbing my site with HTTrack. What a mess of
errormessages he left on my server trace! 

I have some advertisement for ringtones. The typical link looks like this: a
href="javascript:;" onClick="jsOpenWnd(2,5203,'7th
Symphony','7thsymphon.mp3');". HTTrack has the guts to try to download this
mp3 file. Of course you can't because it is on the ringtone provider's file.
But HTTrack just keep trying.

Another case: I have some texts from Wikipedia with some pictures. These
pictures have an attribute longdesc in which they repeat part of the url. You
guess it: this loony script tries to load the longdesc.

The guy who tried to copy my website found one time not enough, so he tried it
several times. All together it gave me over 1000 error messages on my log.

Please guys, learn some netiquette.

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02/16/2006 11:10
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