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Subject: Link whitespace
Author: Mike
Date: 02/28/2006 00:28
Hi Xavier,

I am having trouble downloading some pages with WinHTTrack 3.40 and I thinking
it has to do with whitespace embedded in the link. (I read earlier posts on
this.) I am trying to get pages that are linked from this page: 
<>. HTTrack does not load them and the error
log shows no attempt to download them. The links are scripted as follows: 

(left angle bracket)h3 class="articletitle"(right angle bracket)(left angle
bracket)a href="/Article/ArticleID/49041/
		Catch_That_Bug.html"(right angle bracket)Catch That Bug! 

The whitespace appears to be composed of tabs and carriage returns/linefeeds.
Note that one line is entirely whitespace.

Thank you for your efforts with HTTrack. It's a great tool. - Mike

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Link whitespace

02/28/2006 00:28
Re: Link whitespace

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