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Subject: download of servlet-images end in .html files
Author: Daniel
Date: 02/28/2006 11:45

I try to download a site created by a servlet. All Links, images and .css are
linked using a servlet (no file-extension is available; MIME-Type is
I'm using HTTracks default settings for the download (no Mime-type mappings).

After the first download I get alle files with the correct endings, but with
very long filenames (which include most of the servlet-parameters used in the
IE is able to display this download correctly - FF has a problem with this
kind of filenames.

After updating the existing download (no changes in properties or in the
servlet-content). All downloaded files got the ending .html (also images). The
filename is shorted to the servletname and some random number.
Now FF displays the site correct, but stupid IE is not able to display the
images (IE just ignores the Mime-Type).

Is there any chance to get a download which is working with both browsers?
(I read several posts regarding fileending and mimetypes, but none of them did
realy help for my problem)

best regards

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download of servlet-images end in .html files

02/28/2006 11:45


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