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Subject: Password issue with site & content on other servr
Author: Richard Isted
Date: 02/28/2006 22:52
Hi, I'm hoping some can help me with this as I can't find an answer to this
question on the forum.

I am trying to download a password protected site but the content resides on
another server which is also protected by the same username and password. 
Although the main part of the site down loads OK as I have specified the user
and pass in the start URL, but the content comes from another domain protected
by the same user and password and this does not download.  In the log file I
am getting "Authorization Required" errors so it looks like httrack is not
passing on the authentication details to the links on the other domain.

Does anyone know how to get around this problem becuase I can't seem to find
and answer?
Many thanks.



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Password issue with site & content on other servr

02/28/2006 22:52


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