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Subject: Re: Help with Errors
Author: Sally
Date: 03/02/2006 00:11
> You should try to browse the local mirror (202 files
> have been backed up).

When you say the local mirror do you mean the backed up version of my blog on
my hard disk or is the mirror something else?
What exactly do you mean by saying "(202 files have been backed up)."

> Some errors are caused by advertising (google
> adsense), counters...

OK I can see some errors like "(from" so I
assume I can't do anything with these and these are not errors I can fix. Is
this correct or did I do something wrong when I added the counter?
> The others are programming errors (missing linked
> files - you could fix the errors as visitors may get
> an error page too) or css (background instruction)
> which is not correctly parsed.
Now with the rest of the errors is there some way to know exactly where in my
blog a particular error is referring to? For example, this error:

Error:  "Not Found" (404) at link (from

when I check the blog where exactly is this link as the blog seems to work OK.
Or have I made an error during the backup?
Thanx for your help D_A.

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