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Subject: Re: login cookies
Author: Leto
Date: 03/05/2006 22:49
> Just hoping to bump a thread I started last month.
> Here's a salient part:
> <>
> tml
> Thanks in advance for any help on how to manually
> set a session cookie (or other ideas)!

It's rather tricky since we can't see what you're trying to capture.  Also,
cross-domain authentication, cookies, etc could really be a problem.

Have you dug around the "hts-post" files in your project folder?  These are
saved by HTTrack when you use the URL-Capture feature and contains all the
information that your browser would have sent to the remote server when it
submitted the login form (I presume there is one?).

You can check the hts-post file as there may be some clues to cookies or
session info there.

Also, if you are retrying the same project with different settings, be careful
with the "cookies.txt" file in the project folder.  HTTrack will attempt to
use the cookie(s) set in that file when you may actually want a clean slate.

In one of my projects I had to edit "hts-post0" to REMOVE two lines: Referer
and Cookies.  That captured info was from my browser so this was necessary for
HTTrack to start a clean session with the server!
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