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Subject: .del files and /DELAYED folder bug in version 3.4
Author: Peter Van Garderen
Date: 03/08/2006 02:00
I have been crawling with the new version 3.4 of WinHTTrack (WinXP SP2). I am
using the build option where all HTML files are being stored in the /WEB
folder and all other MIME types are being stored in /WEB/XXX where XXX is the
file extension.

However, as HTTrack v.3.4 is downloading the non-HTML files it is storing them
all (regardless of MIME type) in the folder /WEB/DELAYED and each file is
being downloaded (in full -- all  bytes are transfered) but with a .DEL
extension. The relative links in the downloaded file are also pointing to the
xxx.DEL file in the DELAYED folder. 

I am assuming that the .del is meant to be a .tmp style TEMPORARY file and
that HTTRack is supposed to add the right file extension once the download is
done. However, this is not happening. 

Any advice or confirmation that this error is occuring for anyone else?

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.del files and /DELAYED folder bug in version 3.4

03/08/2006 02:00
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