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Subject: Re: Filename/Extension problem
Author: Leto
Date: 03/09/2006 01:16
> This is the build that is working right now:
> "  %h%p/%[read::::].%t "
> the only problem is that the filenames all end in
> .htm.
> I tried adding an "s" in front of the "t" this
> morning and I got all files with the extension
> "*.htm_". Can someone help? I can't have the "_" at
> the end. :-(  Thank you.
> G

Are you still working on mirroring that Clark County site?
You should review my post about the user-built structure

because "%h%p/%[read::::].%t" this doesn't make a lot of sense.  The
"%[read::::]" part is doing nothing... other than making bogus filenames I

I just tested against a few of the site's pages using the structure:


which worked successfully for me.  The extension of the saved files are .htm
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