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Subject: PANIC! : Crash adding error...
Author: S. Brosio
Date: 04/05/2006 00:26
I upgraded to 3.40 about a month ago.  When using the gui I have absolutely no
problems, but when I attempt to do a subsequent update using the --update
cmdline command, several websites are giving me an error somwhere during the
mirror process:

PANIC! : Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4271]

The last item in the hts-log.txt file is a warning about a php file being

This is on a Windows XP SP2 workstation.  I have the limits set for a maximum
mirroring depth of 4 and an external depth of 0.  I don't know if this
matters.  Again, there are no problems when using the gui.  

what could be the problem?

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PANIC! : Crash adding error...

04/05/2006 00:26


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