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Subject: Locks up, large site
Author: wondering
Date: 04/07/2006 14:27
Hi, this forum is a great help so I'm hoping one of you has an answer to my
problem. There's actually two but they're related.

I'm duplicating a very very large website and every so often it freezes. All
of the downloads stop although it still has a transfer rate stated, but it's
not even using the internet.. The actions simply say "scanning" with a progress bar frozen. Yes yes, generally it will
slow down on this part (pre 3.40 would almost always lock up) but it's not
always in the same spot. Sometimes it will freeze after 30,000 files,
sometimes after 60,000. I've left it for a solid day only to find not a single
file had been downloaded although it uses almost 100% of the processor. I can
be almost certain it's not my computing power as I have the new intel 955 with
4 gigs of ram. It has also done it on a 3.0HT with 4 gigs and a 2.8 with 3
gigs. Always random spots, always with no recovery. 

I can't state the website since it's not yet technically "released" but it's
rather basic and pure html.

In a related problem since I'm forced to use task manager to force-quit,
restarting the download has been a pain. I know stopping it early is bound to
cause problems but when I *continue interrupted download* it reads about
1/10th of the files on the HD then begins downloading them again. 

These two problems have happened no less than 7 times. Usually if I keep
restarting it it will eventually work. The website is static so I know it's no
change on that end. I don't run programs in the background and literally
nothing changes when I restart it, yet sometimes it'll work perfectly.

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