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Subject: rep. error 4350
Author: trip.eight
Date: 04/08/2006 12:18
downloading some hostile database i constantly met panic
error 4350. if this is of interest to developers drop me a line and some email
address so i will mail some batch-jobs
to reproduce error.

i would wish httrack to provide some stealth-mode. within
-Y mode it checks lots and lots of files i listed and then
tries to download them in one single rush.
hostile server checks for such behaviour and gets me thousands and thousands
of files filled with waste or constantly repeating over and over the same file
under different names. 
to overcome this i had to write some app creating thousands
of batch-jobs, one for each file, any of them calling to
execute httrack once again. 

so guys, get httrack the 'i am a human' switch.

thanks a lot for your fine work !!!


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rep. error 4350

04/08/2006 12:18


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