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Subject: Re: resume interrupted download
Author: Mie
Date: 04/13/2006 23:13
I have the same problem as Roman!!

I am using a modem connection and it is unstable and kept disconnected every 1
- 2 hours. So, my copying process using HTTrack is always interrupted.

What I want to complaint is that, I noticed although I have set HTTrack to
"Continue interrupted download" but all the video files (*.avi and *.mpg) that
has been downloaded right before the disconnection are being downloaded again
from 0!!

So, I feel so disappointed and frust with this.

For your info, I am downloading from <>
and I've never changed any settings of HTTrack. I just use the default as it
is as first I installed.

So, please help me to resolve this problem.

thank you very much.
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