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Subject: Downloaded images not viewable
Author: Paul K
Date: 04/18/2006 05:39
I would be grateful for any help and advice in regard to downloading this site

The problem is with the images. Just using the HTTrack defaults results in the
images not having the correct file extensions (i.e. htm instead of gif etc). I
have used WinHTTrack 3.31.

I have tried removing all MIME type associations and this works in so far as
the files are now saved with the correct file extensions. However the images
do not actually work (display in the browser) and cannot be in fact be opened
directly either. 

The images can be saved one-by-one when viewing the site in the browser and
when done this way they work fine. But when saved through HTTrack they don't
work. My questions is then, is there a setting I can adjust HTTrack to get
around this problem.

Many thanks

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Downloaded images not viewable

04/18/2006 05:39
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