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Subject: Re: Query Strings and Linux
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 04/23/2006 10:08
>   I've read through the forums and it seems that you
> can't preserve the query string in the filename
> because of illegal characters.  

Yes, absolutely.

> This is true for Windows, but is there an option for
> the linux version that allows you to preserve the
> query strings verbatum?
Well, no. The goal is to have filenames compatible with most systems ; and
there is no direct way to ovveride this behaviour.

Besides, you might have troubles with some filenames. On Linux/Unix systems,
the \ (backslash) and * (wildcard) are "valid" filename characters. But they
will cause some troubles to some filemanagers, I suppose. Not mentionning the
problems of removing the "*" filename for a beginner.

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