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Subject: Can't get offline website to work properly
Author: RodP
Date: 04/23/2006 22:37
Hi everyone,

Please could someone help.  I've tried to download these websites:

However, I'm not able to get various parts of the downloaded websites to work
and so have tried a couple of other downloaders (More info below).

I'd be grateful if someone could also try these sites using httrack and
suggest some alternative settings to improve the results.

Many thanks in advance


Using an alternative downloader... for burtons, opening the homepage, I click
on 'product zone' and then click on 'product portfolio'.  A file download box
then appears asking whether I want to open or save the 'productportfolio.asp'
file (it thinks it's also associated with photoshop!!).  I've tried
associating it with Internet explorer (but not sure if this is right) but it
doesn't seem to help.  Nothing much happens either way.

Using httrack when clicking on 'product portfolio' in the opposite fram, 'the
page cannot be displayed (cannot find server or DNS error' message is

Similarly with the kelloggs website.  from the homepage, clicking on
'products' and then selecting a product from the drop down list produces the
same 'the page cannot be displayed (cannot find server or DNS error).

When using httrack, it's the same error if there is no network connection,
otherwise it provide the relative page from the internet instead of from HDD.

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