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Subject: Issues with templates
Author: Flavio
Date: 04/24/2006 22:04

First, let me thank the community for the development of HTTrack, probably the
best web-mirrorer!

My question is about the index templates. I wanted to add to fixed hyperlinks
in the main template of the index.html listing locally available sites. Then,
I added them to the index-footer.html and topindex-footer.html, in templates
WinHTTrack subdir (without the knowledge about what file exactly was used for
that index). When I downloaded another site, this was added to the index but I
suppose that the template files were not readed by HTTrack because the links I
added weren't there.

Are that files the ones I have to change? HTTrack is reading them from
Another interesting option in the menus would be a command to update the index
page without having to download another website. If the options is already
present, where it is?
Thank you very much for the help,
Flavio (Spain)

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Issues with templates

04/24/2006 22:04


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