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Subject: Update to my previous post
Author: Tatyawinchu
Date: 04/26/2006 22:32
Ok, here is what I found out more about the problem -
Please read this post because I have added the previous post below, so that
you could ignore the preceeding one.. thanks.. 


I cant understand how its possible, But, here is what is happening..

When I try to download all images from a site called lets say using following
string -*.jpg 

I get an error log which mainly says 403 Forbidden

But when I use Firefox/IE to view a single image using 

It works..  

I have turned robot.txt off to see if anything changes, but it doesnt ..
Please help me fix this problem. Atleast please let me know what I am missing


Now, i tried visiting without giving the file name image.jpg at the end in

I got FORBIDDEN message in the browser. So, it works if a full string is
given, but does not work to list the directory structure.

Can this be overcome by HTTrack ? Because they way that site wants me to see
the images is by clicking on thumbnails which take me to the images under folder files .  The site is free , its just that its kinda
painful to keep clicking back and forth buttons just to reach the image via
thumbnail =/

Thanks in anticipation


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Update to my previous post

04/26/2006 22:32
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