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Subject: Javascript-linked resources not retrieved.
Author: Robert Roehm
Date: 04/27/2006 10:51
Hi, I have been mirroring a personal copy of the Vcom3D website as part of a
research into 3D VRML scripting, and I have noticed that the Javascript
parsing is incomplete. While it gets a lot of the files other programs don't,
it does not get everything.

Here's two websites that contain the Javascript resource issue I am having.

NOTE: In order to view the animations, you will need to install Blaxxun
Contact, a javascriptable VRML chat system.


Resources not loaded: Scene .wrl files, .au sound effects, .smd shape morph
direction, and .par resource effect timing track

The resources are called in the Javascript portion of the HTML.

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Javascript-linked resources not retrieved.

04/27/2006 10:51


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