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Subject: Re: the ultimate frame filter
Author: Tearfang
Date: 04/29/2006 21:21
Did this ultimate frame filter ever get included? I am using version 3.4 but
cannot find any frames option. All the discussion on the forums that I read
doing a simple 'frames' search uses -*
Is this still the best way to do it?I ask because I am downloading the front
pages of about 1000 websites and would much rather use a single filter than
have custom filter entries for every site that uses frames on their home page


> > after more than 3 years of using the best website
> copier,
> > 'HTTrack', i still cant find the best filter for
> sites 
> using
> > frames. if the frames are located on a remote
> host, or 
> even
> > have absolute urls thery are not downloaded. has
> anyone 
> any
> > solution for that? 
> > the ultimate frame filter would be, download all
> frames,
> > even non local ones, but do not download/crawl
> external
> > pages (only get the frames).
> This is something I REALLY need to code (this has
> been on 
> the TODO list for years - since 1999 I think) - I
> will try 
> my best for 3.23 :)
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