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Subject: * * HTTrack 3.41-alpha released
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/01/2006 15:53
An alpha version of the upcoming 3.41 release is now available.

No big changes in the features, but big changes in the API and external
modules, with a library which should now be thread-safe (cross fingers),
without the horrible NOSTATIC_XX hacks anymore, without the need of any thread
initializing, and with cleanup up in all .h files (with very minimal
dependencies for all .h, including forward structure definitions to avoid
recursive includes when possible).

Concerning external callbacks, all callbacks now get as dirst argument the
htsopt* unique structure, which can also hold some user-defined private
pointer inside (see htswrap_set_userdef() and htswrap_get_userdef())

Regarding the huge changes in the code, please report bugs (even obvious ones)
or crashes in this very first *alpha* release, thank you!

Feel free to test the new 'thread safe' version here:

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* * HTTrack 3.41-alpha released

05/01/2006 15:53


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