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Subject: Re: how to install in Sun
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/01/2006 16:35
> I got this file to download httrack-3.40-2.tar.gz,
> try to install Sun Solaris system.
> I has study the README file, don't know how to
> install.

The steps are the same as on Linux ; that is:

tar xvfz httrack.tar.gz
cd httrack-*
make install

Note that on Solaris, you may patch the proxytrack.c file:

Around line 254, in gethost() function:

#if HTS_INET6==0
		ipV4 resolver
		t_hostent* hp=gethostbyname(hostname);
		if (hp!=NULL) {
			if (hp->h_length) {
				SOCaddr_copyaddr(*server, server_size, hp->h_addr_list[0], hp->h_length);
				return 1;

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