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Subject: linked files not downloaded and bad links : bug ?
Author: Edrin
Date: 05/06/2006 16:39
I tried to download a site from this page:
I use the french translated version.
I wanted to download all linked files within the domain, with the following
In the options, I set the action "Download all sites in pages" ; in the "Set
options...", "limits" tab, I set "Maximum mirroring depth:" to blank, and
"Maximum external depth" to 3. By error, I set "Maximum bandwith usage" to
"50000". I left all the other options to defaults.
In the end :
 - many files where downloaded, but not all
 - Some links in local pages are pointing to the internet instead of my hard
drive, even if the pointed files where downloaded.
- Very few of the links to other sites were downloaded.
Note that I worked around this by selecting several pages of the site (now
downloading), and it seems to work for now.
I found a (very) small error : the link to create a new thread in the forum,
when accessed from the help of the software, uses IE whithout regard for the
default browser (Firefox on my PC).
Moreover, there is a realy strange french translation for "Spider" in the
option's tabs: "Fouineur". The real translation should be "Aspirateur".
"Fouineur" is translated in my dictionnary as "nosey parker" (I didn't know
the expression): nothing to do with a spider...
This is all for the bad stuff...
Thanks for this nice software !

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linked files not downloaded and bad links : bug ?

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