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Subject: Re: PANIC! : Crash adding error?????
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 05/14/2006 16:37
> I have version 3.40-2 but I am getting this all the
> time:
> PANIC! : Crash adding error, unexpected error
> found.. [4271]
> Everything seems to work but what does it mean? 

The 3.40 background download system is a bit broken, especially with large
mirrors, as many links can be downloaded in background before being processed,
which has two drawbacks:
- a lot of memory being used
- these errors when too many HTML files were processed in background and
filled all available slots

The current 3.41-alpha-3 version should fix this problem, if you can make a
try, and give some feedback in this forum, it'll be cool.

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